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Wedderburn Fly-in 

Saturday 27th April 2024

The NSW Sport Aircraft Club of Wedderburn-Napper Field (YWBN) would like to

invite all aviators to our fly-in

All types of light aircraft welcome. No landing fees. Free meal for all fly-in pilots

Forum schedule:

10am: Ozrunways – EFB product display & forum

11am: Rick Frith – Remote area flight planning & a visit to Maralinga

12pm: LUNCH

1pm: Freedom Formation - What it takes to build a formation team and perform in a World-renowned event

2pm: RAAus – Marty Peters, Assistant Head of Flight Operations. Group G (MTOW) implementation.



• Friday to Sunday free underwing camping available for visiting pilots

• Food and drinks available throughout

• Avgas available (Skyfuel Card or Credit Card)

For event updates and airfield information visit our website: or contact:

Peter Krauss – – 0418660147

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