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Wedderburn Airport - Napper Field - YWBN

Runway details are published in ERSA.
Wedderburn is a CTAF - 122.55 MHz. Take care: the CTAF boundary abuts the edge of R555.

Do not overfly below 2,500 ft. AMSL. Circuit altitude is 1900 ft. AMSL.

Noise Abatement:

We operate to reduce the noise impact of our operations on our neighbours, (yellow hatched areas). The following drawing shows the tracks we use to achieve this:

The grass strip on the west side of the runway is available if required. Pilots must establish if suitable for intended operations.

Aircraft Parking Area is only the grass area to the north of the primary (White) windsock.

Beware of Kangaroos & Ducks. There is growing concern that wildlife is becoming a hazard to aircraft. The wildlife includes kangaroos on the grassed areas well before dusk, and ducks at just about any time during the day. Please ensure the airstrip is safe for operations before taking off and landing as Kangaroos have been sighted on the runway and taxiways during operations.

Beware of drainage ditch along the eastern side of the runway, near the southern end.

Model Aircraft Hazard. Appin Sport Aeromodellers Club operates from 865 Wilton Road, Appin. This is just S of Appin Township and only 2.5 NM SW of YWBN.

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