Dear NSW Sport Aircraft Club member


Australia Day Celebration:

Join us next Sunday 26 January from 6 PM at the Clubhouse to celebrate our great country, diverse culture, and the freedoms and privileges we enjoy as Australian flyers.

Bring a plate to share, or enjoy a free sausage sizzle from the barbeque.


From the Caretaker:

With the hot season in full swing, our slithery friends are out and about. Please keep an eye out for snakes. Here’s a nice specimen of Red-bellied black, inspecting our security fence…




Water Restrictions:

To protect our water reserves for the fire season, club members are asked not to water lawns and gardens between 10am and 4pm, to limit evaporation losses. Outside these hours, only hand-held hoses are to be used, and only for a maximum of 15 minutes per day. Sprinklers are not permitted at any time. 


Fire Bans:

As our aerodrome is exposed to fire hazards, we ask all members to familiarise themselves with the rules and provisions of the NSW Rural Fire Service, which can be found at To increase awareness, It is strongly recommended that members install the “Fires Near Me” app in their portable devices


Fire-fighting equipment:

Our Caretaker has been steadily upgrading our fire-fighting capability. 

There are now four mobile appliances, (two updated fire trailers and two ute-mounted fire-sets) plus five new fire hose reels going up along the southern boundary. For more information on how to use this equipment, talk to Steve Pate next time you see him. Additionally, we are planning a training session for members at the next Social Workday.






Hangar space wanted:

For an RV14 tail-dragger. Contact Malcolm Smith on 0417 211 232 or at


Mittagong Barbeque on Sunday 23rd February:

Wayne Boatwright, from the Mittagong Aero Club, would like to extend an invitation to all NSW SAC members to drop in to Mittagong Airfield on Sunday February 23rd for a BBQ.  They will probably extend the invite to a couple of other nearby clubs as well so it will be a good chance to catch up for a chat. More information to come closer to the date.


Club Calendar:

Social Work Day: Saturday 22 February 2020.

Committee Meeting: Sunday 2 February 2020.

Fly-In: Saturday 04 April 2020.

AGM: Sunday 15 March 2020.


Best regards,


Pablo Depetris | President 

NSW Sport Aircraft Club

Wedderburn – Napper Field

mobile: 0410 482 546